I Am the Wolf

Arthur Biyarslanov’s family sacrificed everything to give him a better life in Canada. Now his focus is to repay them by standing on the Olympic podium.

Creative team

Writers: Alexandre Gougeon, Tanner Sawatzky
Director: Alexandre Gougeon
Producers: Patrick Holmes, Nicole Siddles

Filmmaker’s statement

With the luck of meeting Arthur Biyarslanov through my producer Patrick Holmes, I immediately felt connected to his story of dedication.

Arthur’s journey to qualify for the Olympics inspired the team and I to translate an incredible story of perseverance to film, so much so that I became obsessed. I wanted to take risks and give a true cinematic experience about the amazing people in Arthur’s life, his turbulent past, and the struggle of achieving greatness.

My own journey making this film was fueled by his passion, and I am excited to show the world.

About Alexandre Gougeon

Alexandre Gougeon

A recent film school graduate, Alexandre Gougeon has directed two documentaries, Survivors and I Am the Wolf.

I Am the Wolf has screened at festivals both in Canada and internationally, recently winning best documentary at the 2017 Vaughan International Film Festival.

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