Of Tides / To Distill

An experimental film in five parts that challenges expectation in form, utilizing visual economy to interact with critical concepts.

To exploit beauty and grimness.
To mend conflicts in growth and decay.
To objectify pathos, laugh with it, and love it dearly.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: Courtney Verwold
Co-producer: Kyle Vollstaedt

Filmmaker’s statement

Of Tides / To Distill is a debut film for me. The film’s content was influenced by personal and societal frustrations, and intends to address these issues by focusing on visual economy and interaction with the spectator.

Historical homages are attributed to symbolic visual metaphors throughout. By choosing to make a non-narrative, silent film in five isolated acts, we hope the audience feels free to make their own associations with what they see and hear!

About Courtney Verwold

Courtney Verwold

Courtney Verwold is a Vancouver-based filmmaker and BFA graduate. With a background in production and costume design, visual arts and film studies, she takes keen interest in loaded visual impact.

Her big plans include saving the bees whilst maintaining her ocean-side English garden/ animal sanctuary/ bitters and ice cream shop.

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