Darlene Hicks, a doctor working in a medical clinic, reaches out to Errol Cloutier, a professional photographer who visits her clinic, to validate her as an artist.

Once Errol tactlessly dismisses her artwork, Darlene exercises a long-term revenge that escalates into an all-out war.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Christopher Beaubien
Producers: Matt Seeley, Justin MacGregor, James Ryan

Filmmaker’s statement

I am very passionate about creating genuinely dark and thought-provoking movies. It is a worthwhile challenge to make troubling subject matter perversely enjoyable while preserving its disturbing vibe.

The artistic process is often supplanted with positive traits, however, I think that the worst aspects of human nature like anger and sadism are just as integral and instinctual sources for inspiration. I believe a truly transgressive work of art can shake people out of their complacency and make them really think about how we treat one another.

The best horror movies act as cathartic vessels to channel our deepest fears and exorcise our inner demons.

One of my favourite contradictions about Socket is that the tone and narrative appears nihilistic, yet all its characters are relatable in their less admirable moments. It takes a great deal of compassion and insight to depict strong characters who succumb to their weakness and loss without making them “learn a lesson.”

This deeply unsettling movie would be best described as a comedy of manners. My aim is to subvert how the audience relates to the characters to make them engage with their own dark nature. It is my hope that Socket will rock people to their core.

About Christopher Beaubien

Christopher’s knowledge for the movies has made him a walking encyclopedia of all things cinematic.

Before entering the School of Motion Picture Arts (MOPA), he successfully completed the IDEA (Illustrated/Design: Elements and Application) program. It solidified his background in graphic design and led to many interesting projects such as illustrating a children’s book, and designing props, namely a poster for Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson to look at.

His review site, CINELATION, is a labour of love. Essays on various films garnered the attention of fellow reviewers as well as the producers of Synchedoche, New York (2008) led to an invitation to participate in a critics’ round table discussion of the film in New York City. This was included in the DVD’s special features section.

He is currently in his fourth year of studying filmmaking.

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