Filth City: Drug Squad

Set in York, a city plagued by crime and corruption, two drug squad cops take hazing a bit too far in a precursor to the controversial digital series Filth City.

Creative team

Writers: Andy King, Danny Polishchuck
Director: Andy King
Producers: Matt King, Andrew Ferguson

Filmmaker’s statement

The idea for Filth City grew out of a desire to make a compelling crime comedy film that detours from predictable mainstream formats. The goal was to make something closer to true crime: dark, unpredictable, even absurd, but realistic.  The narrative was strongly influenced by the Rob Ford crack scandal which had dominated recent headlines.

Because we had no budget, we limited the scope to characters enabled by a crack-smoking mayor, exploring themes of corruption and normalization, through the story of three cops on a crack raid gone bad.

About Andy King

Andy King

Andy King is an award-winning writer, director and actor whose credits include Fargo, Scare Tactics and Cock’d Gunns.

Andy has been creating web video content since c. 2000 when he co-founded the sketch comedy site Recent digital projects include comedy re-enactment series True Dating Stories (CBC), paranormal comedy series Mooom! (Blackpills) and dark crime comedy Filth City (Studio+).

Andy also plays Australian beauty expert J.D. Castlemane on the Emmy-nominated digital series The Amazing Gayl Pile.

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