Mangoes is a queer, cinematic collaboration between Canadian spoken word artist Andrew Warner and Mexican writer/director Sofia Auza.

It explores the relationship between two friends with several mental illnesses through visual poetry and spoken word.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Andrew Warner
Director/producer: Sofía Auza

Filmmaker’s statement

Mangoes is an almost documentary-like collaboration between a Canadian spoken word artist and a Mexican writer/director who met while studying together at Vancouver Film School.

After graduation, when Andrew approached me with the idea of turning a poem of his into something more cinematic, I instantly agreed after reading the poem.

He’s really weird, and I mean that in a good way, because his work stands out for writing comedic, quirky lines and following it with raw and personal truths that are explored in his chemistry with Vancouver actress, Nadia Saliba. Filming the two of them was a lot of fun, although it helped that they had acted together before as several coupled characters, even in plays written in French.

With Andrew’s voice reading the poem, we wanted to make room for a lot of silent moments where he felt words couldn’t always be enough to describe what goes on in our heads. That’s where I recruited Jimena Chowell’s help in art direction. She created a lot of the beautiful scenes that I got to shoot.

We were only four, but our micro-crew was purposefully made to create room for intimacy around the subject matter of mental disorder(s). Often, we see blanket statements written on waiting room forms, mental health ‘help’ advertisements, etc., so we countered with a singular perspective of one experience with mental illness.

Mangoes is a beautiful collection of moments, the good, the great, and the ugly, between two best friends growing up side by side.

About Sofía Auza

Sofía Auza is a Mexican Filmmaker, born in the year of 1993. She started her career at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and, after winning the VFS Latin American Scholarship with her script Tomato Soup, Sofía studied screenwriting at the Vancouver Film School.

She has written and directed various award winning short films, which include Octubre Otra Vez (Ecofilm 2017 winner) and Rosa Mexicano (Hazlo en Corto 2017 winner).

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