Faced with an arranged marriage proposal, an Indian woman seeks to thwart her parents’ plans and their so-called traditional values only to meet an unexpected suitor in the process.

Creative team

Writer: Jaskaran Singh
Director: Kimberly Smith
Producer: Sartaj Aulakh

Filmmaker’s statement

Wanting to break free of the constraints put upon us by our parents is a natural part of growing up, but for some, that transition comes much later in life. Rebellion is hard to come to terms with in a culture that actively promotes the importance of one’s elders, and the sometimes blind devotion one is expected to have of them and their traditions. After all, these are the people who have birthed, raised, sheltered, clothed and educated you.

Those factors contribute to a sort of debt you owe payments on, which can come in a variety of forms; from your choice of career to your choice in romantic relationships. It gets to the point that your very identity is split in two, presenting an uncomfortable fork in the road destined to collide.

ReArranged is our attempt to give a voice to a reality that faces many young women in the South Asian community, and we hope it can promote dialogue among audiences of multiple generations.

About Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith holds a bachelor of arts in film studies from Brock University and is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Advanced Television and Film program.

While at Brock, she was an integral part of the campus-wide media channel BrockTV. Kim also helped design The Brock Film Group, an initiative to encourage and teach budding young filmmakers.

At Sheridan, Kimberly directed multiple short films, including Duck Duck Goose, a post-apocalyptic tale of survival, and ReArranged which boldly addresses arranged marriages.

In recent years, Kimberly has also assistant directed a variety of other shorts such as Visitor, a unique woodlands sci-fi, and Autopsy, a drama spanning time and technology.

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