Theckathil & the Gnomes

A tale about a man whose unsuccessful and mundane career choices are remedied by his cat.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Jake Kent

Filmmaker’s statement

I have always been a sucker for playing with new toys and technology, be it 3D, animation, virtual reality or interactivity.

Theckathil & the Gnomes was a great opportunity to experiment with integrating live actors and animated sets to take a playful look at society, bureaucracy and a modern sense of isolation, projecting my own frustrations and desires through an animated existence of exaggerated characters, in a fairytale setting.

A story about finding your place in the world. One man and his cat against the world, but in a polite refined way. A playful approach to a modern sense of isolation in a fantasy world.

About Jake Kent

Jake Kent

With Theckatil & the Gnomes, Jake Kent brings to a new level the unique artistic and sarcastic style he first developed in his earlier short films, Cockroach Heaven (Fantasia 2010) and The Argyle (ACTRA shorts 2011).

During daylight hours Jake creates short docs and animated web series at Heretic Canada Pictures Inc.

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