An astronaut travels deep into a black hole to find a way to save his dying love.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Sean Janisse

Filmmaker’s statement

Making this film was a long journey. I’ve wanted to make an animated film for some time but never had the confidence in a story I’ve written to go forward.

It always started with a romantic story set in space. The pieces kept changing but that was definitely at its core. It wasn’t till I approached my friend’s band (Locomotive 8) about the possibilities of making a music video with one of their songs that things started moving forward.

Their song Encore (from their EP Take Away) was an easy choice. Passion and emotion flowed from every moment of the song and it made storyboarding such a fun exploration of marrying visuals and story beats to the musical movements.

Once done, the film stayed in animatic phase for a while until Andrés Landazábal joined the production and brought his incredible design work with him. Finally the film had a shape to build from and it was time to start animating and begin to put it all together.

It was about a year later that I finished animating the video. It was a labour of love and, looking back, I’m amazed it’s finished! Making Encore was a wonderful journey for me and I hope watching it will be one for you too.

About Sean Janisse

Sean Janisse

Sean is a storyboard artist and animator based out of Toronto, Ontario. He’s worked on many different animated series from Ugly Americans to Peg+Cat.

This music video/short is his first animated short and he plans to keep momentum and continue to create more shorts in multiple mediums.

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