True Bromance

A fun, awkward, tongue-in-cheek look at online social networking, male friendship and the unlikely bonds formed through the use of the internet.

Creative team

Writer/director: Mike Onley
Producers: Jeremy Griffiths, Andrew Newton

Filmmaker’s statement

True Bromance was a lot of fun, and a little bit uncomfortable to make.

I spent many years writing comedy sketches and I wanted to ensure this film had some comedic relief and fun moments.

I thought the concept would inherently lend itself to some fun moments – which it did with Gary. I was not expecting the more touching moments that occurred when I met Spencer and learned about his past.

It was interesting to see the wide spread of people using the friendship app and we were careful to make sure that was represented in the film.

About Mike Onley

Mike Onley

Mike Onley is a writer/director also trained in camera and lighting. He often employs his understanding of cinematography to create a unique and cinematic aesthetic.

Mike approaches each of his projects with an enthusiasm for the craft. He has a penchant for telling stories that entertain and delight audiences, while giving more serious moments the gravitas and sensitivity they deserve.

He is also the writer/director behind another NSI Online Short Film Festival selection, On The Job.

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