An elite contemporary dancer struggles to regain her form after living through a violent car collision, but becomes burdened with brain trauma and survivor’s guilt.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Rogan Christopher
Producers: Jay Trusler, Christopher Chan

Filmmaker’s statement

Coda is a film about the inexplicable link between mind and body, about loss, grief and survivor’s guilt. The story is based on true events, that demonstrate how transformative a force guilt can be in peoples’ lives, and how its emotional stress can ravage us physically.

It’s a story that explores mental health and underscores the importance of being able to forgive ourselves when challenge and tragedy in life reduce us from our best – finding empathy for others, and ourselves.

Dance was a fairly obvious choice to explore this linkage between mind and body as it really lent itself toward narrative cinema as a medium – driven by music, dramatic movement, and emotionally evocative.

I hope you enjoy the story and it moves you in some way.

About Rogan Christopher

A graduate of both Queen’s University and the legendary Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre conservatory in New York City, Rogan spent time working briefly in corporate finance and business intelligence before beginning a career in film and television.

He began his career as an actor, performing in various Canadian and American television series (Nikita, Reign, Saving Hope, Bitten), TV movies and independent film.

On his first independent feature, Footsteps (a drama about a young Afghanistan veteran re-integrating to life in a small mid-western town), Rogan served as a producer as well as lead talent. It won best picture and best actor at the 2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival.

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