Double Date

The complexities and dualities of bisexuality and relationships.

Creative team

Writer/director: Patrick Gratton
Producers: Patrick Gratton, Jenny Ng-Turner, Justin Burke

Filmmaker’s statement

When I was starting to form my conception of Double Date, my sole intention was to spark discussions on the silent, maligned and forgotten B in LGBT.

In the day and age of marriage equality, where queer artworks have finally hit the mainstream, I feel like LGBT storytellers are leaving their bisexual brothers and sisters behind.

Whether due to personal bias or troubles navigating the muddled waters of a bisexual story arc, the majority of LGBT filmmakers skip over bisexual stories for more broadened gay or lesbian ones. Which isn’t to say all LGBT representation aren’t equal, but by focusing on the underrepresented bisexual stories we wanted to pave a new discussion both inside and outside the community. Hopefully Double Date starts this discussion.

As we break down barriers on other fronts, there’s still a lot of work to be done both inside and outside our community. There is still struggle and confusion for those grappling with their sexuality. When discussing bisexuality, I call it the “Swinging the Fence” syndrome: neither homosexual nor heterosexual, bisexuals endure prejudice, shame and biphobia from either side.

The bisexual struggle is this: rejected by both sides, bisexuals choose either to be ostracized or choose to erase their bi-ness by conforming to heterosexual and homosexual social norms.

Double Date might not be the happy-go-luckiest of queer short films (which are currently in vogue), but we hope it gives a voice to those voiceless and starts broadening the discussion on bisexuality.

About Patrick Gratton

Patrick Gratton

Writer/director/producer Patrick Gratton is a native born and bred Winnipegger. Growing up watching the films of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, his fascination with the visual medium grew to a full-blown obsession.

Delving into cinephilia, he eventually graduated from the University of Manitoba, holding a BA with an advanced major in film studies. During his time at university, he took part in the collective feature film production of The Assignment, loosely adapted from the Robert Cormier novel The Chocolate War.

Patrick later joined the film work force, becoming a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada. His credits as a production assistant include Channel Zero: Season 3, A Dog’s Purpose, Sunnyside, Devil’s Gate, Break My Heart 1,000 Times, among others.

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