Beth is 31 and, since yesterday, single. She lives alone with an old cat found in her alleyway and barely makes a living working at her sister’s café.

Beth is also a robot. Beth is in a strange place, really …

Creative team

Writers: Kevin T. Landry, Catherine Roy
Director: Kevin T. Landry
Producers: Kevin T. Landry, Kino’00

Filmmaker’s statement

Robeth is an absurd love story between two robots, one of which is going through quite the identity crisis, and it’s probably the most arduous experience I have ever been through as a director.

Everything that could go bad during shooting went bad including, but not restricted to, drunk extras, van problems, noisy neighbours drilling through the wall, combusting equipment and dinner, etc.

Even so, thanks to our amazing cast and crew, and with the help of everyone at the Kino’00 offices, I am really proud of the final product we managed to pull out of this car wreck of a shoot.

About Kevin T. Landry

Kevin Landry

With a bachelor’s degree in communications from L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) (concentration: cinema), Kevin began specializing in post-production before venturing into production and screenwriting, thanks to the Kino film organization.

He is interested in the imaginary, the absurd and the fine line that separate the worlds of reality and fantasy.

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