TELUS STORYHIVE announces 47 digital shorts finalists


Congratulations to the 47 finalists chosen for the latest STORYHIVE Digital Shorts edition.

Each finalist receives a $10K production grant, training and mentoring from seasoned NSI team members, and distribution on TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand.

The finalists are:

British Columbia

Gajok from Lee Shorten

Hans of Doom from Courtenay Forster

A Typical Fairytale from Annette Reilly

Lessons in Life, Love and Surfing from Fiona Vroom

Picture Perfect from Mathew Gladman

Gong Ju (공주) from Jerome Yoo

The Happiness Tour from Janalee Budge

Mẹ from Derek Kwan

Pokmis from Cameron Watts

Auto/Mate from Steve Schwartz

When I’m Dead from Vesta Giles

The Rarest Drug on Earth from Lucas Kavanagh

The Logging Road from Daniel Stark

A Visitor’s Review from Ryan Mutama

Tayybeh: Sharing Home from Eva Brownstein

Forgetting Me from Eddy Piasentin

Karaoke Mamas from Diana Bang

Yasmina from AJ Simmons

THE WEIRD & WONDERFUL Floathome Living from Maeva Gauthier

Living With from Raymond Knight

The Fire Within Us from Shalyn Pigeon

She is Not Just a Statistic, Say Her Name from Tristin Greyeyes

The Wrestler from Nicola McTaggart


Of Broken Vessels from Eunice Hau

The Winds from Rae Farrer

Beyond Housing from Victoria Burns

Equilibrium from Skylar Radzion

Ugly Girl from Cassandra Paige Johnston

The Alberta Internet Creators Project from Patrick O’Connor

Red Water Valley from Ryan Drescher

My Bipolar Life from Elyse Quail

Aeternitas from Gordie Haakstad

A Perfect Extra Chromosome from Krista Rowland-Collins

‘Kay, thx, bye! from Katie Gobert

I Am Rare from Heidi Ellen

The Act of Being Normal from Tamarra Canu

The Legend of Mindi from Dianne Mahoney

How We Remember from Devin Gibb

Wrath of Twyre from Sam Lindsay

Moja Mama from Castle Acadia

Monuments from Lincoln Constable III

Gertrude and her Plant, Steve from Matt Prazak

Tommy Tremor from Kris Kuhn

Tierra from Natalie Vargas

Shapeshifters from Christopher Herbert

Like Right Now from Russell Eresmas

Sunday Morning, Coming Down from Christina Beamish

• • •

STORYHIVE is a community-powered funding program that allows members of the community to influence which projects receive funding from TELUS.

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