Tuesday 10:08 AM

Tuesday 10:08 a.m.

A homeless man is shot dead by police and a junior inspector with the Special Investigation Unit is caught up in the incident. Unsure of the validity of the official police report, the junior inspector decides to do her own analysis of the many different video recordings of the shooting.

She pieces the story together but it’s not until she deciphers the audio that the full depth of the tragedy comes clear.

Creative team

Writers/directors: Jane Tattersall, Thomas Pepper
Producers: Thomas Pepper, Jane Tattersall, Penny McDonald, Sonya DiRienzo

Filmmakers’ statement

Jane: I wanted to make a film that included picture and sound equally in the storytelling, and a police-involved shooting recorded by smart phones and CCTV cameras seemed a promising start. I asked screenwriter Thomas Pepper to help write such a film and he responded with ideas, writing and shaping the scenes until we had co-written our short film.

Why not just keep going we thought. It would be fun to co-direct, and we had complementary experience – Thomas as a director’s assistant, producer’s assistant and he’d directed two short films, and I had many years of post-production, especially sound editing, plus I too had directed two short films.

Tom: I’d met Dwayne Murphy on Book of Negroes, and Bea Santos was in my short Milk and Honey. Bea introduced us to some of her theatre friends, including Andre Sills from the Shaw Festival.

Jane: You’re wondering how we co-directed? We planned the shots together then, during the shoot (two days), Tom took the lead for some scenes, I took the lead in others. It was easy and natural!

Tom: One of the interesting parts of the process was balancing the technological elements of the film (six cameras – an Alexa, three GoPros and two cell phones) which are part of the story with the emotional connection to our character. But our wonderful editor Sandy Pereira, and some valuable test screenings, kept Jemma’s journey front and centre.

Jane: Co-directing with Tom was a privilege and a pleasure. We had mutual trust and confidence. We planned and problem-solved without argument through the whole six months of production and post. When my energy flagged, he jumped in and vice-versa.

About Thomas Pepper

Thomas Pepper

Thomas Pepper is a Toronto-based screenwriter and director whose credits include Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, Clement Virgo’s The Book of Negroes and Maxime Desmons’ What We Have, among others.

His pilot for his drama series Switch Hitter won the 2017 Telefilm New Voices Award at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference, and his short films have screened across North America.

His latest short film Tuesday 10:08 AM won the Director’s Guild of Canada Award for Best Short Film 2017. Thomas has two years’ experience in the writers’ room of Saving Hope.

Currently he is developing several projects for both TV and film.

About Jane Tattersall

Jane Tattersall

Jane Tattersall is a sound editor, director and producer depending on the day. She has many awards for her sound work but has long been expanding her role in the film and television world beyond sound.

She produced (along with much more experienced people) the feature film One Week, and her first short film Hot Water won the RBC TIFF Emerging Talent Award in 2010.

Tuesday 10:08 AM, a short film co-written and co-directed with Thomas Pepper, won the 2017 Directors Guild of Canada Award for Best Short Film.

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