Vinny’s Girl

In an alternate era, Vinny, an awkward dreamer, falls deeply in love with the voice behind a particular album. Now he must go to extreme lengths to rid himself from reality and continue collecting his dream girl.

Creative team

Writer: Zachary Gulka
Director: Harrison Houde
Producers: Zachary Gulka, Harrison Houde, Phil Planta

Filmmaker’s statement

Vinny’s Girl is just scratching the surface on a specific stylized type of film and character acting that I want to push farther in my filmmaking.

I have a passion for comedy and thrillers, specifically coming-of-age films, and crossing genres. Vinny’s Girl sparked inspiration for me to take the synthwave genre of music and the visual aesthetic of the music into the film.

I had an incredible team and the perfect cast to help put that vision together. Zachary and I have been trying to create this film for two years. On set we were overwhelmed and cried tears of joy when we wrapped.

I think we both knew we had something special with Vinny’s Girl – whether this film has any success, it has a special place in my heart and has helped me to grow as a director, producer, actor and showed me a process of filmmaking I never knew possible.

Set in a dystopian, alternate era, this film has opened me up to a clear path of the world and genre of films I want to keep creating.

About Harrison Houde

Harrison Houde

Harrison Houde has been involved with music and film since he was four years old, improvising scenes and character, as well as preparing performances with his older sister Kaylee.

He plays piano, drums, various synths and electronic instruments, and aspires to continue using these talents in an acting and producing career.

At the ripe age of 19, he began his producing and directing career and started a production company Houde Entertainment Inc. developing various projects he has a passion for.

He has over 15,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and, in only a few years, his films have premiered at festival de Cannes with Telefilm Canada’s Not Short on Talent, TIFF Kids, Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, California’s Independent Film Festival, IndiFest, Broad Humor and more.

He says, “I believe in myself, being young and ambitious. Surrounding myself with other like-minded humans makes wonderful friendships, and certainly connects a great sense of community between us. I am very privileged to be surrounded by people who share the same goal of creating something of a certain quality, and who understand how to come together to finish and share the vision I am hungry to share.”

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