HerBeaver: Behind the Bush

The women of HerBeaver, a Toronto-based comedy troupe, battle for legitimacy – one show, one sketch, one joke at a time.

Creative team

Writers: Lara Cordiano, Robert Ryan Reyes
Director: Lara Cordiano
Producer: Robert Ryan Reyes
Director of photography: Samuel MacDonald
Editor: Maria Teresa Rossi
Sound and music: Michael McInnes
Camera operator: Nada Cosovic

Filmmaker’s statement

Having grown up in Toronto, I have always been interested in its vibrant comedy scene.

I wanted to tell the story of Katie, Heather, Mallory and Alyson to highlight their experiences and explore comedy from a female perspective. I was drawn to the HerBeaver women because their story shows the value of female friendship, particularly when trying to make it in the big city.

About Lara Cordiano

Lara Cordiano

Lara Cordiano is a Torontonian filmmaker and producer. Interested in acting from a young age, Lara attended Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts where she majored in drama.

Lara is currently pursuing a film and television diploma at Humber College.

She has directed several music videos and shorts focused on portraying women’s issues, comedy, personal identity and issues of justice.

Her new documentary, In The Dark: The Longest College Strike in Ontario, is about a group of students discovering the issues leading up to the 2017 Ontario college strike. It’s currently in post-production.

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