Inland Freaks

A group of men commit themselves to an experimental treatment program which claims to cure them of forbidden desires.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kalainithan Kalaichelvan
Producers: Michael Redshaw, Kalainithan Kalaichelvan

Filmmaker’s statement

Inland Freaks seeks to examine the nature of taboo, and what it means to challenge existing social perceptions. This film offers a brief window into a world that feels both alien and familiar at once.

It hopes to draw the audience into a facility that explores self-hatred in an attempt to find something very human.

About Kalainithan Kalaichelvan

Kalainithan Kalaichelvan

Kalainithan Kalaichelvan is a Toronto-based filmmaker.

He began his career as a writer/director in 2016 with his first short film, Stella Maris. The film went on to be selected at many different festivals such as the Global Grit Film Fest and the Forest City Film Festival.

Currently he’s developing several upcoming projects with talented filmmakers under the banner of his production company, Black Caper Films.

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