Mindy and the Snack Shack

Mediocre camp counsellor Mindy may finally get her due when she’s trapped in the snack shack turned speakeasy for the night after the absent-minded camp director Johanna comes sniffing around.

Creative team

Writer: Cody Peterson
Director: Jesse Lupini
Producers: Amanda Verhagen, Synnove Godeseth

Filmmaker’s statement

When producer Amanda Verhagen approached me about directing Mindy, I didn’t even have to think about it. I’ve worked as a camp counsellor myself and know very well the joys and headaches that come along with it.

Based on a concept he’d been workshopping for quite some time, writer Cody Peterson mainly focuses on the headaches, but that’s really the fun of it. While I’ve worked with kids many times before, this was my first time doing so in the context of film, and it was just as fun as I thought it would be.

Having the opportunity to work with so many great actors is always fantastic, and this was no exception. Brianna Wiens was cracking us all up on set as the camp-weary Mindy, and I think the fun we had really shows through in the finished film. This film was written for the Women in Comedy Festival, so our only constraint was that we had to open with the line “I’ll take whatever you’ve got.”

We actually shot and finished the whole film in only 14 days, and I’m super proud of the whole team for making it happen. Shooting this short really made me want to go back to summer camp, but maybe one without so many children drumming …

About Jesse Lupini

Jesse Lupini

Jesse Lupini is a writer, director and musician, best known for his Sci-Fi Crazy8s short Iteration 1, which screened worldwide and won best sci-fi short at the Atlanta Shortsfest.

His most recent short, Day 34, won best film and best director at the Run n’ Gun Film Competition, among others.

He has also directed commercials for brands including Postmark Brewing, Kanso Coffee, DigiTech and Belgard Kitchen, as well producing a video about the BC election that was watched by over half a million BC residents.

He has a number of recently completed shorts that will be in the 2019 festival circuit.

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