Must Kill Karl

Everyone has ‘that’ friend – the one who shows up uninvited, drinks all your booze and hits on your girlfriend – who we all secretly hate.

One night, a group of friends decide enough is enough and there’s only one way to get rid of him for good: they MUST KILL KARL.

Creative team

Writer: Karen Moore
Director: Joe Kicak
Producers: Karen Moore, Ryan West, Robin Crumley, Joe Kicak

Filmmakers’ statement

We wanted our first project together to be a comedy – we’re an IRL couple, so it seemed like we’d have better odds of not destroying our relationship if we were at least working on something fun.

From there, we started talking about how we all have that one person in our lives that we despise, but can’t seem to get rid of – the ‘Karl.’

In real life, you’re low on options – breaking up with a friend isn’t really something people do, is it? Hence the dark fantasy version of eliminating someone from your life that became the film.

The short is a proof-of-concept for a feature film, which is currently in development with Broken Compass Films and part of the 2018 NSI Features First program.

Must Kill Karl was shot in Toronto, Ontario over two nights in June 2016 during the summer solstice … perhaps not the best time to shoot an entirely exterior night-dependent film in hindsight.

Our incredible art department, led by Rosalie Mackintosh, built the rotting deck on top of the existing beautiful one on the fourth floor walk-up. Bless their hearts.

The film was financed with a grant from Bravo!FACT and produced as part of the Toronto Indie Production (TIP) program with ACTRA Toronto and the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA).

Since its inception, and especially while on our festival run, we’ve been consistently approached by friends and strangers alike, eager to tell us who their ‘Karl’ is and how they’ve wanted to get rid of them. After all this, there’s one thing we know for sure: if you don’t think you have a ‘Karl’ in your life … you are the ‘Karl.’ – Joe Kicak and Karen Moore

About Joe Kicak

Joe Kicak

Joe Kicak is a Toronto-based director and creator. He’s currently directing the entire first season of the youth series Detention Adventure (10×11 min) for CBC, which he also co-created and wrote multiple episodes.

Joe’s proof-of-concept short film, Must Kill Karl, has screened at over 25 international film festivals (including Austin Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival, and HollyShorts) and won numerous awards including the Golden Sheaf award for Best Comedy (Yorkton Film Festival 2018) and Best Direction (LA Comedy Fest 2017). The feature version of the film is currently in development with the 2018 NSI Features First program.

His previous directing credits include the award-winning short film Frigid created with the generous participation of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council, and the award-winning short film Distilled Love, which received the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize.

His feature film, Two Days Till Tomorrow, screened at festivals across North America and won a limited Canadian theatrical release with AMC theatres.

About Karen Moore

Karen Moore is an award-winning Toronto-based writer and producer of narrative television and films. She is currently a supervising producer/writer on Mary Kills People for Lifetime/Global and an executive producer/writer on Detention Adventure for CBC.

Karen is part of the 2018 NSI Features First program with her feature film, Must Kill Karl, based on the award-winning proof-of-concept BravoFACT short film of the same name.

Other television writing and story editing credits include the CBC comedy series Workin’ Moms (Seasons 1 and 2), Rookie Blue for ABC/Global, and What Would Sal Do? for Crave.

She wrote and produced the BravoFACT drama, Your Place or Mine, and the award-winning short, Frozen Marbles. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program (BA).

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