Cancel the F—ing Internet

After the final infuriating straw, Dan calls his internet provider to cancel the f—ing internet. Surviving the apathetic gauntlet of support staff, he finally reaches the retention department and their star agent: Gerald.

Things are finally looking up for Dan. That is, until Gerald makes it very clear just how much he knows about Dan’s browsing history, and how far he’s willing to go to maintain his perfect retention record.

Creative team

Writer/director: Ryan Kayet
Producer: Dave Gibson

Filmmaker’s statement

Cancel the F—ing Internet was me and some friends getting together and making something fun; most of the creative team previously collaborated on the sketch comedy troupe Fade to Brown.

We spent a weekend making this film on a shoestring budget and originally intended to release it online. However, after seeing the initial edit and landing a killer score from James Ervin, I realized we had something really special and decided to do a festival run.

The film really resonated with festival audiences across the continent; after screenings people would often share their personal horror stories of dealing with cable companies (I think everybody has at least one). On the surface, Cancel the F—ing Internet is a a fun film about the infuriating process of dealing with internet providers. Beneath this is a look into the growing concern of internet privacy and data collection.

If you have a hate for big telecom companies and a big love for crude humour, you’re going to f—king love our short as much as we do. Enjoy!

About Ryan Kayet

Ryan is an up-and-coming filmmaker who excels as a screenwriter, director and producer.

After receiving high praise for his thesis film, Lurker, Ryan co-founded Riverlife Productions with a desire to focus on strong character-driven narratives.

He has directed the bravoFACT funded short film One Day at a Time, based on the award-winning Canadian play Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, and several music videos. His previous short Interview, a dramatic short about race, power and the importance of choosing your words carefully, was funded by the Ontario Arts Council and played in several festivals.

His most recent project, Cancel the F—ing Internet, is a hilarious short about privacy and the universal struggle of dealing with the cable/internet companies.

Ryan is currently writing his first feature.

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