Entre les lignes (Between the Lines)

A portrait of Montreal dance crew Corpus Collective, highlighting their ability to move as a single organism.

Creative team

Director/producer: Sebastian Furtado
Concept: Gabrielle Simard, José Flores
Choreography: Corpus Collective

Filmmaker’s statement

As the cinematographer and director of Entre Les Lignes, my goal was to portray the collective in a way that highlighted their ability to move as a single organism, while highlighting the uniqueness of each body involved.

My goal as a cinematographer is to use movement and a variety of lenses to enhance the diverse choreography set out by Gab Simard and José Flores.

Please enjoy the video as it was a labour of love.

About Sebastian Furtado

Sebastian Furtado

Sebastian Furtado is a photographer and filmmaker from Montreal, with a passion for capturing all forms of human movement, from skateboarding and rock climbing to contemporary dance.

Sebastian has been a photographer for several years, having worked with major companies such as Opera de Montreal, Ballet Ouest, KARA handbags (NYC) and PalomaWool (Barcelona). He has a diverse background in photography with knowledge in astrophotography, timelapse photography, video and film.

He now uses his diverse knowledge of film and technology to give a new medium for the arts to thrive. Through his art he aims to reveal what is hidden among the flow of moments that make up our everyday lives.

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