Pass the Salt

When two women of different faiths fall in love they must find a way for their traditional families to break bread.

Creative team

Writer: Panta Mosleh
Directors: Hayley Gray, Panta Mosleh
Producers: Panta Mosleh, Hayley Gray, Kay Metchie

Filmmaker’s statement

As a bisexual female there is a possibility of eventually ending up with a female as my life partner. So I thought to myself how would the encounter with both families go and how would I hope for it to turn out, so I explored that idea.

I always try to wrap an important message with a sweet flavor of comedy. It always makes it easier to swallow the facts that way. In the case of Pass The Salt I wanted send the message of love and acceptance, and to touch on the fact that we are not born with prejudice, judgements and hate. It is something that we end up learning due to the environment or our upbringing.

I played with that idea with the adults actually learning from the kids to put their differences aside and accept each other. Well, in this case, the two families never stopped bickering but, instead, they geared towards arguing about the details of the wedding rather than the differences in their culture and religion.

Having said that, I have to nod Michael Giampa, a fantastic writer who worked with me on the script, and Hayley Gray, another female comrade in the film industry who jumped on board in my time of need and gracefully helped direct and produce the film with me.

Sending everyone love and appreciation for even taking the time to listen to my message and watch my film. Hopefully you get some laughs along the way. Thank you for your time. – Panta Mosleh

About Panta Mosleh and Hayley Gray

Panta Mosleh and Hayley Gray

Panta Mosleh and Hayley Gray have both been writing, directing and producing independent content in their blossoming careers in the film industry.

Their goals are to continue to pave the way for more females to take leading roles both behind and in front of the camera in the ever changing and evolving entertainment industry.


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