Cocktail, Dishes, Dinner

What occurs when communication is severed in a relationship?

By going back in time and using a highly visual approach to storytelling devoid of dialogue to heighten tension, Cocktail, Dishes, Dinner explores family dynamics that threaten to shatter under the pressure of seething miscommunication that results in passive aggressive confrontation.

Creative team

Writer/director: Diana Berdichevsky
Producers: Diana Berdichevsky, Paul Griggs

Filmmaker’s statement

Telling stories has been a passion of mine from an early age.

I began as a writer and transitioned to filmmaking after my writing degree. Film is fascinating due to the ingredients at our disposal to deliver a story.

In this case, I went with a highly visual approach, allowing for sound, art direction and acting to take the lead, focusing on what is between the lines.

About Diana Berdichevsky

Diana Berdichevsky

Diana began directing shortly after completing her creative writing/English degree at York University. She’s directed for Indigo Books, Money Mart, Manulife, Band Aid and many other brands and organizations.

Diana writes short- and feature-length scripts in her spare time and produces her work.

She currently resides in Vancouver where she continues to write and direct commercials, shorts and is working on her sixth feature-length script.

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