In Death Unparted

A young, charming, yet isolated vampire battles with evading the grasp of his lovesick stalker/classmate or giving in to his need for companionship.

Creative team

Writer: Lia Cavasotto
Director: Tim Lopers
Producer: Alex Milne

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was an absolute pleasure to bring to life. The writer, Lia Cavasotto, made it easy to hit the laughs while sustaining the drama I felt the film deserved.

This was the second major project in our second year at Toronto’s Humber College film and television program and required that we film in studio, with fabricated sets, in only three days. As such there was no opportunity to waste time and our team made every minute count.

Everything from production design to casting and camera came together for a film we were all proud to create.

About Tim Lopers

Tim Lopers

Never happy with the status quo of his suburban upbringing, Tim grew up fighting with authority, but would eventually find solace in music and art.

Searching to flee the addiction that would eventually control his teenage years, Tim joined the army. However he only found more reason to use.

After a long and deadly battle with addiction, Tim finally got clean, and started putting his life back together.

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