A promising young actress dives deep into the world of theatre. But the more she strives for fulfillment and applause, her dream becomes enveloped by a nightmarish reality.

Creative team

Writer: Iben Søtang
Director: Shimon Machida
Producer: Stephanie Townsend

Filmmaker’s statement

Workplace sexual harassment has always been an issue and had just recently begun to attain the masses’ serious attention. This is a complex topic I, as a filmmaker, wanted to tackle in hopes of shining a light on this issue in the film industry which I love and care for dearly.

I was inspired by the screenplay written by classmate Iben, Sütang, and chose to direct this piece which explored the problem in a very mature, impactful and, at times, absurd manner.

About Shimon Machida

Shimon has worked in Vancouver and Tokyo as a director, writer, cinematographer and music composer. Upon receiving his diploma for motion picture arts in North Vancouver, Shimon flew to Tokyo – the city where he was born – to further broaden his horizons in the film industry.

In Japan, Shimon directed a music video for Blak Suit, a commercial for Voyager Guitars, and composed music for multiple short films and documentaries overseas. Shimon worked with Wonderstanding Japan Limited as a creative director and is currently a freelance filmmaker.

He is now back in Vancouver to complete the full motion picture program to receive his Bachelors and has recently completed a short narrative film.

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