Skin Deep

A pastry shop owner who longs for her youth goes to gruesome lengths to attract a handsome customer.

Creative team

Writer: Suri Parmar
Director/editor/co-producer: Ryan Couldrey
Cinematographer/co-producer: Sabrina Spilotro
Special FX makeup designer and creator: Sara Feehan
Starring: Diana Chappell, Ali Chappell, Steve Kasan

Filmmaker’s statement

Written by Suri Parmar (writer/director of The Bakebook), Skin Deep is an absurdist parable about the unrealistic beauty expectations faced by women.

The moment I read it I knew I’d found the next project for myself and co-producer/DOP Sabrina Spilotro. Originally produced for the 2018 Rode Reel competition, Sabrina and I were enamoured by the satisfyingly gruesome visuals evoked in Suri’s darkly humourous script.

We knew casting could be an issue, but when we found mother-daughter duo Diana and Ali Chappell, we knew we were set to roll immediately on this practical fx-driven, short gore-mance film.

Speaking of visual fx, Sara Feehan absolutely killed it with her body casting and gore work. All the fx featured in Skin Deep is 100% practical, and you can see how it was made in this behind-the-scenes featurette.

About Ryan Couldrey

Ryan is a Toronto-based filmmaker. An experienced director, DOP and writer, he’s currently working on a number of features, shorts and TV pitches ranging from a social media obsessed family-friendly kids show to a coming-of-age high school bullying dramatic feature (with a hint of cannibalism).

Keep an eye out for his latest short film, A Fistful of Molarson the festival circuit.

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