A professional cuddler must reevaluate her profession when a new client challenges her preconceived notions about the job and the people who take comfort in seeing her.

What unfolds is an exploration on the nature of intimacy and the healing that can be found in a simple touch.

Creative team

Writer: Desmond Sargeant
Director: Neil Huber
Producers: Ali Mashayehki, Al Magee, Neil Huber

About Neil Huber

A native of Waterloo, Canada, Neil attended the Media Arts program at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning where he earned multiple award nominations (best documentary for Behind the Sausage, best director for Dogstar and best editing for Motel Poets) and accepted the most outstanding graduating student award in his final year.

After graduating, Neil worked as the producer of web and special projects at Magee TV, a television production company founded by Al Magee, where he helped in the production, post-production and design aspects of such projects as The Smart Woman Survival Guide, Everyday Exotic, Superstar Hair Challenge, The Men and Night Chef (winner – 2011 Banff International Pilots Competition – Entertainment Programs).

While working at Magee TV, Neil also began focusing on a career as a director and editor, becoming one of the joint partners of Gorilla Milkshake Productions with Desmond Sargeant. Started as a means to continue their creative and collaborative style of work, Gorilla Milkshake has produced the award-winning short films Patient and Guys Night, the web series Andy and the Upside (15th Annual Webby Award official honoree) and the comedy/horror I Kill Monsters, as well as the occasional commercial and music video for artists like Vinyl Heart.

In 2016, Neil started the digital distribution company Without a Flock Distribution with film producer Ali Mashayekhi and executive producer Al Magee with a focus on creating independent, character-driven features.

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