So Far So Good

Mean. Bored. Apathetic. Three teenagers with a dark secret waste the day away together.

Creative team

Writer/director: Sunny Mohajer
Producers: Jesse Copeland, Sunny Mohajer

Filmmaker’s statement

This is a darkly comedic take on the stereotypes of Generation Z. It explores the intergenerational divide, the stereotypes and the kids’ perspectives of their parents, who in their opinions have failed them, while the kids fail to acknowledge their own privilege and lack of perspective.

Every room in the house and the scene taking place in it represents a different issue the younger generation is facing and every room is dedicated to speaking to the hopes and dreams, or lack thereof, of one of the three.

About Sunny Mohajer

Sunny Mohajer

Discovering a love of stories and art at a young age led Sunny to pursue film in university, receiving a bachelor’s degree at Capilano University. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she calls Vancouver home.

When she’s not busy reading Vonnegut, getting lost in the mountains or daydreaming about her next backpacking trip, she spends her days drinking too much coffee, writing and working on her passion projects.

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