Soft Spot

When Kris’s partner Jess comes home from an evening out, the night takes an unexpected turn.

Creative team

Writer: Erin Carter
Director: Justine Stevens
Producers: Ali Mashayehki, Al Magee, Neil Huber

Filmmaker’s statement

Soft Spot is a very personal film for me and one I am extremely excited to share.

As part of the LGBTQ+ community, growing up I was thankful for the traditional ‘coming out’ narratives I saw on TV and in movies, but as I grew to accept my own sexuality, I became frustrated that most queer content revolves around coming out.

Soft Spot, for me, was about pushing past what I had seen to create the kind of content/stories I want to see more of. The characters are struggling with the themes of love and loss, which is relatable to all members of the audience.

This film pushed me as a director because there was so much complexity to the emotional beats in the film and, at the end of the day, I’m very proud of what we created. Erin Carter and Alison Louder were incredible to work with and brought such depth to the characters in this film. I hope this story speaks to others the way it does to me.

About Justine Stevens

Justine Stevens

With a passion for authentic storytelling, Justine Stevens is an award-winning, Canadian director and filmmaker who isn’t afraid to tell the stories often underrepresented in the film industry.

Currently based out of Toronto, she has acquired an impressive resume with her work on the award-winning web series The Girls Guide (2013) (LAWebFest Best Narrative Short, LAWebFest Best Ensemble Cast), the music video Rockstar, and short films The Haze (2012) (Broadcast Educators Society Best Drama), Soft Spot (2017) and Undone (2018).


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