A dysfunctional hardware store manager struggles to express his love for an employee.

Creative team

Writer: Clara Altimas
Director: Patrick Hodgson
Producers: Patrick Hodgson, Jerrica Madden, Clara Altimas, Michael Buchanan, Stephanie Brister

Filmmaker’s statement

It was over a random coffee meeting that my friend and fellow filmmaker Clara Altimas and I agreed we should work on a film together.

I pitched to her the idea of a quirky character piece where a struggle for power ensues. A few days later, she sent me the script for Walter. Of course, I loved it. It has become one of my favourite projects to date.

I owe immense gratitude to everyone who helped me bring it to life, but especially Matthew Gouveia and Allison Busner whose performances left us all gasping for air.

About Patrick Hodgson

Patrick Hodgson

Patrick is an independent filmmaker residing in Toronto who’s on a relentless journey to tell thought-provoking and entertaining stories.

He runs the boutique production company Kicking Tire Films and has produced and directed five award-winning shorts films, two of which have screened at Oscar-qualifying festivals.

He’s currently writing and developing two feature films.

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