Two women spend all day together but rarely connect, until they ultimately change the course of each other’s lives.

Creative team

Writer: Anna Hardwick
Director: Molly Flood
Producers: Emily Andrews, Laura Nordin, Jen Pogue, Yazmin Ali

Filmmaker’s statement

Set against a cold, quiet Toronto winter, this meditative and subtle film explores the relationship between two women who occupy the same space but live in different worlds.

Through parallel feelings of isolation, Nita and Julia discover an intimacy that leads to decisive action.

About Molly Flood

Molly Flood

Molly Flood is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA acting program, the Second City Conservatory, recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Emerging Artist Award and nominated for best director at the Austin Revolution Film Festival 2018.

Molly has directed music videos, commercials and short form content in Toronto. This is her first short film.

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