Glass Slipper

A young, black ballerina struggles to dance the part of Cinderella while dealing with the anxiety and paranoia brought on by anonymous bullying attacks in her dance company.

Creative team

Writer/director: Eve Krogman
Producer: Erica Giunta

Filmmaker’s statement

Glass Slipper is the final product of four years of metaphorical and literal blood, sweat and tears. Created as a thesis projected, Glass Slipper was written and shot with the intent of bringing to light the physical and emotional impact bullying has on creative expression.

Follow teenage ballerina Tamera at dance school as she navigates the waters of identity, race, mental health and teenagehood, all while attempting to master the titular role in her school’s production of Cinderella.

We made this film as a love letter to all the girls who have ever been bullied and had it impact their artistic performance. We wanted to validate their experiences as well as our own, and emphasize that nothing matters more than your happiness and, because of that, sometimes you don’t get the fairy-tale ending.

About Eve Krogman

Eve Krogman

Eve is an emerging producer/director/writer and recent grad of the bachelor of film and television degree program at Sheridan College.

During her studies she became obsessed with vintage architecture, impact producing and authentic Canadian storytelling.

Look out for her latest production Gyno, a dark comedy about a woman’s first time at the gynaecologist, hitting the festival circuit soon.

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