Multiverse Dating for Beginners

Ivy and Dave are totally hitting it off until she says the wrong thing and completely freaks him out. TYPICAL.

But tonight’s no ordinary night. There’s a glitch in the Matrix, déjà vu in the air, and Ivy gets the chance to see how things will turn out if she plays the dating game differently.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kelly Tatham
Producer: Sasha Duncan

Filmmaker’s statement

After many years of repetitive dating experiences, I made Multiverse Dating for Beginners to explore the ‘what ifs’ swirling around in my head. What if I’d played the dating game differently? Played hard to get? Or spoke my truth sooner? How would things have turned out?

Driven by those questions and a desire to see my personal experience on screen, Multiverse ended up being a way for me to analyze my own behaviour and question my own beliefs in love. In a culture where we believe ‘love is magic,’ I came to ask myself the question, “What if we believed love was a choice?”

There are still many layers to peel back, but I hope to leave the audience inspired to ask questions and reconsider the beliefs they take for granted as true.

About Kelly Tatham

Kelly Tatham

Kelly Tatham is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and writer known for blurring the lines of genre, using metaphysical concepts to build story structure, and turning deep, emotional vulnerability into unexpected comedy.

She is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School’s screenwriting program and studied acting for many years.

Kelly is currently working on a documentary about the evolution of consciousness.

Read more from Kelly, including her reflections on the film’s YouTube comments at

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