On National Canadian Film Day, join me in supporting the filmmakers who create our stories

Danishka Esterhazy on the set of NSI Features First-developed Level 16 with actress Celina Martin

Danishka Esterhazy on the set of NSI Features First-developed Level 16 with actress Celina Martin

Happy National Canadian Film Day!

Today is all about celebrating Canadian movies and empowering the creators behind them. In the words of National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) themselves, film – more than any other medium – has the power to capture the soul of a nation.

I feel lucky to tell the kinds of stories I want to tell on the big screen. My film, Level 16, was a labour of love, and NSI’s training was an important part of the journey to getting it made. I want to make sure other creators get the same kind of support when they translate the stories in their heads to award-winning films on the screen.

NSI-developed projects like mine reflect all kinds of perspectives and experiences. They show that Canadianness is not one singular thing. They’re as diverse as the people who create them, and that’s vital. We need to continue making sure Canadian filmmakers have a place to develop their unique stories and they reach as wide an audience as possible.

When we give to NSI, we create those opportunities for new voices, making artistic careers possible and audiences across Canada proud of the stories we tell. I want to get to a place where our films are as widely seen and loved as their American or European counterparts – that every day is like National Canadian Film Day.

A donation to NSI helps make that happen. Together, we make amazing Canadian stories come to life.

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To celebrate Canadian Film Day, Reel Canada, NSI and Urban Shaman Gallery co-present a free screening of Angelique’s Isle in Winnipeg this evening from directors Michelle Derosier and Marie-Hélène Cousineau. Catch the film at the Park Theatre at 7 p.m. The film’s co-director Michelle Derosier will be in attendance and a Q&A will be held after the screening.

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