Let’s Not Talk About Syria

A candid portrait of a modern couple living in an increasingly globalized world.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Andrea Shawcross
Director/producer: Paula Elle

Filmmaker’s statement

Andrea Shawcross’ Let’s Not Talk About Syria ignited a powerful, multi-faceted confusion in me. It took hold of my heart, and incited a sort of pang that I acutely understood but had never been able to express.

It confronted a social issue that has widely been accepted as normal: comparison. When we compare, we evaluate if we are okay or not. We use it as a tool to manage our expectations in life. In our daily lives, comparison echos in our consciousness and we cannot escape it. It’s what makes us human. It’s the essence of evolution, so it seems appropriate to compare your feelings, desires, trials and wealth to others. However, the question remains: to what end? When is it healthy and when is it emotionally manipulative?

This film was lovingly made to bring light to how we sometimes marginalize others’ pain, emotionally invalidating them all due to judgements by comparison. I think that’s why I immediately fell in love with Andrea’s script and it’s why we made Let’s Not Talk About Syria. 

About Paula Elle

Paula Elle

Paula Elle is a Vancouver-based filmmaker who has built a team of collaborators over her 11 years of set experience. She has worked on all types of shows from TV series, to MOWs, to Steven Spielberg films.

Starting with her own wine short, The International Wine Thief, Paula quickly realized her thrills come from behind the camera. Since then, she hasn’t stopped making films. She believes there is no reason to not be shooting, and there is always a story to tell.

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