NSI’s Ursula Lawson nominated for Winnipeg Arts Council Making a Difference Award

Ursula Lawson

The National Screen Institute is proud to announce we’ve nominated longtime NSI program manager Ursula Lawson for the 2019 Winnipeg Arts Council Making a Difference Award.

Through her work as manager of CBC New Indigenous Voices and NSI IndigiDocs, Ursula has made a difference in the lives and careers of over 150 filmmakers and storytellers.

In the words of her nomination letter, she offers humour, compassion, tough love, wisdom, advice, hugs, a place to live, a place to shoot films and a hot lunch. The care she brings to the programs isn’t found in conventional training courses and, while she would never call her methods strategic, they are empathetic to each student’s home life, story and family commitments. Ursula does her best to help each student find success.

The awards happen during the Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts, held June 14, 2019 at Winnipeg’s Hotel Fort Garry.

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