A sheltered woman, reeling from the death of her mother, shows her sister how far she will go to be heard.

Creative team

Writer/director: Heather Taylor
Producers: John Young, Heather Taylor
Cinematographer: Kyle I Kelley

Filmmaker’s statement

We are often put in boxes. You must say, do and act as expected. With more anonymity online, more people are saying what they think no matter the consequences.

But what about within your own family? As the eldest of four, I understand the push and pull of siblings. There are so many things left unsaid, so how far would a family member go to be heard? And what would the ultimate impact be on their existence?

Stitched was born out of those questions.

About Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor is a writer, director and co-founder of the creative studio Cereal Made.

She was a 2018/19 resident of the Bell Media Prime Time TV program at the Canadian Film Centre sponsored in part by ABC Signature Studios. There she developed her new TV series, Bring Out Your Dead. Her career highlights include her first feature film, The Last Thakur, which premiered at the London International Film Festival; her sci-fi web series, Raptured, which had over a million views; and Stitched, her award-winning horror short.

Heather’s currently working on her second feature film, ROT, and her latest horror short, Pay To Stay, will play festivals in 2019/20.

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