Keeper of Bees

Albertan apiarist Eliese Watson shares her beekeeping philosophy and provides us with an introspective look into why people connect with these tiny creatures we call bees.

Creative team

Director: James Frislev
Producer: Hali Belanger

Filmmaker’s statement

Eliese Watson has an undeniable Albertan charm. Through her educational work as founder of ABC Bees and as a respected apiarist, Eliese is an approachable and relatable subject.

I was so captivated by her philosophy of beekeeping and her outlook on life that I was faced with a real challenge of selecting what would appear on screen. With Eliese we had a surplus of knowledge and a very limited amount of time to show it, both a blessing and a curse. We were very fortunate to feature her thought-provoking dialogue in a short amount of time.

Keeper of Bees takes the viewer on a show-and-tell excursion into a day-in-the-life of an apiarist. We learn that being an apiarist is more than a career – for some, it’s a lifestyle. That is a huge part of what made this project such a joy for me, knowing I was going to learn so much making the film and just being so thankful to share what I learned with the community.

About James Frislev

James Frislev

James Frislev is a 23-year-old filmmaker born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Pulling from a background in marketing and visual arts, James is a driven, creative personality with a love for earth’s wonders.

James has worked on such notable productions as Hell on Wheels, Mutant World, Van Helsing (the series) and The Order in a visual effects capacity. Keeper of Bees is James’ first foray into documentary directing; he will be a graduate of SAIT’s film and video production program this spring.

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