The unsexy realities of a sexy selfie.

Creative team

Writer: Holly Merritt
Director: Christina Hodnet
Producers: Holly Merritt, Christina Hodnet

Filmmaker’s statement

#IRL was a creative collaboration with writer Holly Merritt that stemmed from organically stumbling upon war stories of an all-too-common shared female experience: the sexy selfie by women not as versed in the perils of its execution as their younger counterparts. The struggle, the set-up, the insecurities, the angles, the edits, the doubt, the tears, the frustration, the time, the unsexiness of it.

“If men only knew,” we thought. Sometimes films are meant to be an escape from reality, and then sometimes they’re meant to expose it. Sorry, boys.

About Christina Hodnet

Christina Hodnet

Christina has been in the advertising industry for almost 20 years directing uncompromising performances for global clients such as General Mills, Mazda, Always, Kinder, Colgate, Tylenol, Snuggle and more.

Her work brings about thoughts of insightful honesty and authenticity. She captures moments that are alive with emotion and that connect with her audience. Known for exposing the beautifully awkward and imperfect reality life offers up, she finds the small nuances that make a moment unique.

“I’m interested in the moment in between the moments,” she says. “The photo you don’t post because it’s not perfect, but in reality is more representational of your life than the perfect one.” Her latest short film titled #IRL shows the humorous truth behind the sexy selfie and the process one goes through to achieve this.

Growing up in California, Christina got her first experiences in the film industry as a young teen in front of the camera. Working with incredible photographers and directors ignited a spark that led her to pursue a degree at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

She now resides between Toronto and Los Angeles with her husband, two children, Snowball the hamster and one large dog named Orvis.

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