Métis Femme Bodies

Métis Femme Bodies is a visual and sonic exploration into the experiences of what has become a repressed identity in both Indigenous and female(-presenting) forms.

The film aims to offer visibility and voice to those who have been denied such luxury in order to accurately represent themselves and correct misleading narratives imposed by greater power structures.

Creative team

Director/producer: Chanelle Lajoie

Filmmaker’s statement

Utilizing digital documenting as a new form of expression, I was able to apply the vocal narrative from those whose experiences mirrored my own – that of a Métis Femme.

With this, imposed narratives and gazes are substituted by the voices and bodies of which the experience of confusion, shame, and resurgence live.

About Chanelle Lajoie

Chanelle Lajoie

A dyslexic 7w6 who does not know her sun sign from her moon sign, Chanelle Lajoie is continuously striving to align her ethics, principles and goals better than she does her posture.

As a queer Métis woman living on Treaty 1 Territory, community-building is Chanelle’s medicine. Rooting and intertwining her academic studies, work and creative passions to her personal politics aids in merging the communities that reside in each.

Chanelle’s work strives to undo the silence placed upon the communities she exists within through inquiry and inclusion. She believes these voices should be amplified, echoed and valued.

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