A Typical Fairytale

A young couple have a romance fit for a storybook. They live happily ever after until their child diverges from the classic narrative.

Creative team

Writer: Jessica McLeod
Director: Annette Reilly
Producers: Annette Reilly, Greg Delmage, Avi Glanzer, Keli Moore, Brandon McKay, Chris Orchard, Rozlyn Young

Filmmaker’s statement

A Typical Fairytale has been at the forefront of my heart since the moment I read the script back in September 2016. I was on a weekend trip with friends who, when I told them I had a script to read, complained that I had brought my work with me. I hid in a room and, when I emerged, the tears rolling down my face were cause for concern.

I told them that I had just read the most beautiful script and I HAD to make this movie. The world needed a film like this that takes a classic narrative-style fairytale and twists it on its head. It’s almost subversive in its ability to lull the audience into a sense of security by using a classic format, but uses it to teach a modern lesson of acceptance and inclusivity. One so desperately needed in our world today.

After a year and a half of cycling through different directors and team compositions, being rejected for funding once or twice, our passion for this project kept us going until finally our third funding application proved to be the charm. TELUS STORYHIVE granted us the remainder of the funds needed to make A Typical Fairytale, with me as the director, and I couldn’t have been more honoured and excited to get started.

After an intense process that included building our own sets, preparing to both direct and act, and guiding a brilliant team of imaginative, diverse, and generous artists and craftspeople, I cannot be happier with the outcome … especially given our resources. I am proud to finally present to the world, with every ounce of our hearts on the screen, our story: A Typical Fairytale.

About Annette Reilly

Annette Reilly

Annette Reilly is an award-winning filmmaker and actor, known for her role as Diana Spellman, Sabrina’s mortal mother, in the Netflix original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Growing up in small-town Alberta, she pursued her love of theatre with a BFA from UVic and was eventually led to film in an effort to bring pressing social justice issues into cinematic storytelling.

Her most recent film, A Typical Fairytale (which she directed, produced and acted in), is currently doing the film festival circuit, has been nominated for four Leo Awards and won an award for best art direction.

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