STORYHIVE web series creators meet their mentors


“Just go for it, don’t wait. Be present.” Valuable advice from mentors at the TELUS STORYHIVE web series workshops held in Alberta and British Columbia this past weekend.

Staff from STORYHIVE and the National Screen Institute presented two workshops for the creators behind the latest web series projects.

Each STORYHIVE team will work with a mentor carefully matched to the projects by NSI. The workshops gave teams a chance to meet their mentors for the first time – many of whom are NSI alumni. Mentors include Robert Cuffley (NSI Drama Prize, NSI Features First), Sandi Somers (NSI Features First), Ryan Mah (STORYHIVE), Wendy Hyman (NSI Features First), Rob Hardy (NSI Totally Television), and Josh Epstein and Kyle Rideout (both NSI Drama Prize, NSI Features First, NSI Totally Television).

Spending 48 hours with such incredible creators and their mentors was inspiring to say the least.

Creators were treated to a motivating, hilarious and inspirational keynote speech from Jeremy Larter.  His clear message was “If I can do it, so can you.”

Check out Jeremy’s work (note this link is NSFW) – be prepared to find yourself an hour later clicking on the next link and quoting Parnell!

I can’t wait to see these stories come to life. To all our amazing teams: just go for it, don’t wait. Be present.

• • •

STORYHIVE is a community-powered funding program from TELUS for content creators in British Columbia and Alberta. Content creators submit their pitch ideas for a chance to win a production grant and distribution opportunities.

Once the finalists are chosen, the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) provides mentorship and training for the selected projects and their creators.

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