New free CBC Manitoba storytelling workshop series launching August 6

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CBC Manitoba is launching a storytelling workshop series beginning Thursday, August 6 at 11 a.m.

These workshops are designed for artists, musicians, marketers, communicators and executive directors who are interested in sharpening their storytelling skills using digital, audio and video tools.

Arts organizations and those working in the arts sector are particularly hard hit by the shrinking economy due to the pandemic and so CBC created these workshops as a way to inspire innovation in how to connect with audiences.

The workshops are free and open to anyone in Manitoba.

The first workshop is titled ‘Show me the money’! Explore how to monetize content on digital. Presented by Dan Fricker, operations lead at Shopify.

Key types of content that creators can monetize include working with influencers, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, original storytelling and using your own established audience to sell merchandise. These are all means to diversify your voice with audiences. The goal? To increase your earning potential and inspire, inform, educate and empower your unique audiences. Register today.

Stay tuned as CBC Manitoba announces more workshop topics next week featuring presenters from CBC Arts, CBC Social Team and CBC videojournalists.

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