New BIPOC talent database aims to foster diversity among BC crew and creatives in screen-based industries

Collective Bunch

Jason Mackay filled a need that had been missing in the BC film industry.

Jason is a BIPOC producer from Vancouver. When a director asked him to hire Black talent on a recent film, he faced a dilemma about where to search out these creatives.

Vancouver is one of Canada’s thriving film hubs, and Jason believed the current industry was not properly reflecting the diversity within the city.

This inspired him to launch Collective Bunch – an online collection of BIPOC actors, producers, directors, hair and makeup artists and everything in between.

Jason started Collective Bunch in September with the goal to create an industry that is more inclusive, understanding and reflective of the country’s culturally rich demographic.

Collective Bunch joins other BIPOC talent databases in Canada including BIPOC TV & Film’s cross-country HireBIPOC initiative, Access Reelworld and Film in Colour.

Collective Bunch aims to support its community and help as many BIPOC creatives as possible. To join the Collective Bunch, send a headshot and bio to More information about the online collective can be found on their website.

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