Marlene Kendall, NSI board chair: NSI provides high-quality training to underrepresented and diverse participants

Marlene Kendall

Storytelling is more important than ever as we all face the unique challenges this year has brought us.

Stories entertain, inspire and transform. They remind us of where we come from and where we can go. We need more stories to free our imaginations and open our hearts to create a path of understanding and healing.

To mark the season of giving during December, we’re sharing impact stories from our alumni and board members to show the power of story in action.

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Today’s impact story comes from the chair and treasurer of the NSI Board of Directors, Marlene Kendall.

Marlene was elected as chair of the board in 2019 after serving as the finance chair for multiple years. Working with NSI in supporting underrepresented voices in the industry is a rewarding experience for Marlene – and she is inspired by the courage NSI students have in telling their stories.

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If you could describe your experience with NSI in three words what would they be, and why?

My experience with NSI has been inspiring, impactful and humbling. This is because NSI provides high-quality training to underrepresented and diverse participants; is staffed by dedicated employees; and is led by inspirational leader, Joy Loewen.

Why did you decide to serve on the board of directors?

It was a privilege to have been recommended to the board by previous chair, Carole Vivier, to provide insight into board governance along with other board members. My experience with NSI has been personally rewarding ever since.

Why is it worthwhile to support NSI?

NSI supports underrepresented and diverse storytellers to develop and share impactful stories which helps shape Canadian film and television communities and our country.

What memory of NSI and our community has inspired you?

I continue to be inspired by the courage of participants to share their stories on the path towards reconciliation. My attendance at the CBC New Indigenous Voices graduation ceremony was especially memorable as I experienced the pride, excitement and camaraderie of the graduates.

What project / initiative are you currently working on?

I am working with the board, CEO and staff on the current strategic plan which is focused on building organizational sustainability and greater inclusion and impact for Canadian storytellers.

What is your favourite Canadian film / TV show / web series?

Corner Gas Animated.

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