TELUS STORYHIVE announces 16 projects for their inaugural podcast edition


Congratulations to the creators behind the 16 projects chosen for the inaugural TELUS STORYHIVE Podcast Edition.

The podcast creators will each receive $10K in production funding, customized career training and mentorship from the National Screen Institute and distribution of their project on select TELUS platforms. Each podcaster will work with mentors to produce and deliver three episodes with accompanying visual components.

British Columbia projects

  • Does It Make The Cut? – A pair of Indigenous film reviewers love to talk about film, TV and any type of media. Especially Indigenous films.
  • Her Love of Sports – Professional soccer coach and sports reporter Katie Hamilton digs deep into the stories and success of women in sports.
  • Let’s Talk Access – From hotlines to counsellors to psychiatrists, there are many mental health avenues available – but is access a problem?
  • Marigolds & Juniper – Jes Hartt, food enthusiast and mom, dives into three major, positive shifts in the food industry as a result of COVID-19.
  • MoM:ents – Talking to mothers who I think are dope.
  • Resilient Creatives – Artists from diverse backgrounds share stories of hurdles, healing and triumph while exploring and creating.
  • That’s Trash – Two millennial gals unapologetically share their experience as Black women in Canada.

Alberta projects

  • Blood on the Prairie – A documentary true-crime podcast unravelling the century-old mystery of Alberta’s largest unsolved mass murder.
  • Chicken Soup for the Muslim Ruh – Ruh; soul. Sharing stories about hope, vulnerability and change within the Canadian Muslim community and our neighbours.
  • Disabled As Folk – One friend can’t really walk and the other can’t really see but together they find the humour in being Disabled as Folk.
  • In Over My Head – Michael has a plan to save the planet. Step 1: Build an off-grid Tiny House – check! Step 2: ???
  • My ‘Berta Beginning – Immigrants share the story of their migration journey and their first days in Alberta fresh off the proverbial boat.
  • Meet The Out-Laws – An Alberta bridal makeup artist reveals the reality many Indo-Canadian brides face after their big fat Indian wedding.
  • Views from Chinatown – A new generation of voices are rising within a diverse community full of rich history. This is our view from Chinatown.

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