Learning opportunity: register for Avi Federgreen’s indie producing seminar

Filmmaker Avi Federgreen will present his annual one-day online seminar about indie producing on Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23.

In this information-packed seminar you’ll hear first-hand from highly experienced producer Avi about what he describes as “the stuff they don’t teach you in film school.” The cost per person for the full one-day seminar is $100 + HST.

The seminar is designed for:

  • Canadian independent producers, writers, directors, actors, technicians making films today – or who want to make films – in the Canadian independent film landscape
  • New and emerging Canadian filmmakers who need a broad but practical intro and understanding of the Canadian independent film landscape

What Avi covers in the seminar:

  • Learn about finding material to option
  • How to secure the material
  • Developing the material
  • Pitching, casting, crewing
  • Financing, business and marketing plans
  • Budgeting, pre-production, production, post-production
  • Music, look books, promoting, marketing, monetizing and distributing your film and a whole lot more

You can read the full agenda on Facebook (link is for Saturday but agenda info is the same for either day).

Please message Avi directly at info@federgreenentertainment.com to indicate which day you want to attend (Saturday, January 22 or Sunday, January 23), submit your payment and receive access to the session of your choice.

About Avi Federgreen

Avi Federgreen’s over 25 years of experience in the Canadian film industry includes producing over 60 films.

His newly completed films, which are travelling around the film festival circuit, include Motherly and For The Sake Of Vicious. Other recent films include Clapboard Jungle and Things I Do For Money. Avi is also the creator of the Indiecan10K & Indiecan20K First Feature Initiatives that have now helped eight first features get made in Canada.

Avi’s other producing credits include One Week, Still Mine, Kiss and Cry, Prisoner X, Score: A Hockey Musical, Relative Happiness, How To Plan An Orgy in A Small Town, Moon Point, I’m Yours, Hungry Hills, High Life, Leslie, My Name Is Evil, Lifechanger, Man Running and Altered Skin to name a few.

In summer 2019 Avi directed his first short film Red Balloon which is now travelling the festival circuit, and in fall 2020 he directed his first feature film Family Seductions for Neshama Entertainment / Marvista Entertainment.