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The power of story.

Our path to an equitable, inclusive culture is revealed to us through stories.

Storytellers allow us to enter unfamiliar lives and landscapes, create understanding and show us how our world can be better.

That’s why we relentlessly work to remove barriers so underrepresented creators from anywhere in Canada can access our film, television and digital media training.

Since 1986, the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI) has supported creators from across Canada to tell unforgettable stories through industry-informed training and mentoring.

A visionary network of donors, private and public organizations, board members and staff fuel the National Screen Institute, which is the only national training institute in Western Canada for writers, directors and producers. Many of Canada’s top creators got their first break at the National Screen Institute.

Our commitment

Our story begins and ends with nurturing the untold stories of creators as they grow, learn and succeed in shaping our world.

Our programs are funded by generous individuals, businesses, foundations, governments and agencies.


Storytellers create a culturally equitable world.


Through inclusive, customized training and mentoring, the National Screen Institute supports creators to change the world through the power of story.


The following values guide the work we do.

  • Space to encourage learning and growth: Storytellers should feel supported and safe as they learn, grow and make mistakes.
  • Underrepresented voices matter: We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for storytellers of all genders, races, identities, ethnicities, experiences and locations.
  • Passionate about stories: Stories have the power to change the world.
  • Power in partnerships: Our partnerships enable us to build bridges and foster growth, success and development.
  • Others drive us to serve: We work in service of others and commit to doing so with honesty, integrity and a drive to do better.
  • Responsive to market trends: We are responsive to and in tune with domestic and international market trends to deliver relevant, market-driven programs.
  • Training that’s accessible: We provide accessible, world-class training to storytellers who represent true creative diversity.


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Rhayne Vermette

Graduate Rhayne Vermette | Photo by Ian McCausland

Venus developed through NSI Features First.

National Screen Institute


A new identity

We unveiled a new brand identity for the National Screen Institute in 2022. The concept is rooted in the circle – a form that is ever-present in nature and has shaped cultures and their communications for millennia.

Humans gravitate toward circles – from early childhood when we sit together at school or on a playground, through to adulthood when we engage in sharing circles, meet with teams or gather around a dinner table. Assembling in the round is especially well-suited to storytelling.

Our new logo conveys there is room in the circle for everyone at NSI. The smooth curve of the typeface from Montreal’s Pangram Pangram Foundry echoes the mark’s structure. The colours reflect the vibrancy, creativity and diversity of Canada’s storytellers. The six smaller circles at the bottom cradle the larger circle, mirroring the sustaining support of the NSI community. The resulting “eye” tips to the side, representing the unique viewpoints of our faculty, alumni, and storytellers and the change in perspective they offer the world.

Photo at top from NSI IndigiDocs film êmîcêtôsêt-Many Bloodlines