TELUS STORYHIVE in association with NSI


British Columbia

Skeena Salmon past present and future with Captain Quinn – Quinn Barabash

Dance Like Everybody is Watching – Simone Blais

Kalinga (Care) – Kent Donguines

What About Our Future? – Jaime Leigh Gianopoulos

By Your Side – Amy Hemmerling

Salmon Capital – Campbell River – Eiko Jones

sḵwx̱wú7mesh spén’em (Squamish Plants) – Leigh Joseph

Take Me to the River – Julie Kim

Raising Ava Rose – Jordan Macken

Higher Perspective – Dave Mai

Muriel Sasakamoose: Kind Heart and Secwepemc Matriarch – Nolan McAllister

Accessible Okanagan – Chelsea McEvoy

The Oaklands Totem – Carey Newman

The Story of Special Woodstock – Erin Rooke

Sit. Stay. Search. – Jennifer Stahn


Solidarity Film Camp – Andrea Beça

One Seven Nine – Sam Bechtel

Breaking Barriers – Sabine Burns

The Vanishing Skyline – Erin Chase

Beyond Curls & Kinks – Osas Eweka-Smith

The Line – Anthony Goertz

The Nikkei Way – Kynan Gordon

Small Town Strength – Darryl Haugen

Poetry, War and the Dance of Life – Randolph Kirk

True West: The John Scott Story – Victoria McFadyen

Garden Shark – Dawn Nagazina

Marquee Rising – David Roth

Two Wheel View – Locke Vincent

Undefeated: Journey to the Deathrace – Wade Whibley

Punjabi Pioneers of Alberta – Robin Yusaf


British Columbia

Who Am I? – Adhel Arop

Facing Fire – Javan Bernakevitch

Penny Girl – Joseph Boutilier

Human Powered – Matt Cecill

The Knife – Daniel Code

Coextinction – John Fulton

Office with a View – Colleen Gentemann

Hayashi Studios – Hayley Gray

Smash Forward – Melissa Dex Guzman

Sadika’s Garden – Julia Iriarte

Tuned Up – Chelsea Kanstrup

You Are Not Alone – Robin Macdonald

Lost Nation Road – Ian MacKenzie

Five Acres – Paul Manly

A Short Essay on Men – Sheona McDonald

Wheel Love – Chelsea McEvoy

In the Wake of the Cedar Tree – Towustasin Stocker

Anyox, the town that got lost: Canada’s largest ghost town – Frank Schlichting

Yellow Peril: Queer Destiny – Jen Sung

Peaks and Valleys: The Search for Ryan Shtuka – Russell Walton


Chasing a Trace – Leanne Allison

We All Believe in You – Andrea Beça

A Typical Heart – Chris Beauchamp

Finding Normal – Barb Briggs

Charlie – Xavier Cattarinich

Queer Scouts – Katie Cutting

60s Scoop – Aretha Greatrix

MS’ed With The Wrong Girl – Julia Grochowski

The Bats of Alberta – Jason Headley

Norwest – Christopher Herbert

The Powerlifter – Dillon Jakovac

Memoirs of the Motherland – Alicia Krawchuk

The Walk On: The David Kapinga Story – Mitchell Lee

Just Another Beautiful Family – Nick McArthur

The Crying Fields – Hayley Morin

Momentum: From Nothing to NASCAR – Len Morissette

Breaking Stigmas – Heidy Panameno

Yah Wave – Emma Power

Picture a Farmer – Kelsey van Moorsel

Ammolite: Gem of the West – Clayton Varjassy