TELUS STORYHIVE in association with NSI


British Columbia

Growing Up With Mi Familia – Andy Alvarez

Waste Not – Greg Bartels

Mushroom Man – Hannah Borrego

Open Ethnicity Pilot – Sunny Chen

My Kelowna – Aaron DeSilva

Mural Life – Derek Edenshaw

Doomball – Wren Handman

A piece of history how it all started in Prince George – Ze Helios

Can’t Stop Love II The Web Series – Andrea Helleman

Common Ground – Levi Hildebrand

Friday – Mohamed Ibrahim

Sigma – Jennifer Laporte

Legally In Charge – Emma Lin

Earth Squad – Julia Llanos

Disease & Desire – Sara McIntyre

Nerds4Earth – Mily Mumford

Home-stay – Chukwumuobi Obasi

See Through Daddy – Andrea Peek

The Participant – Jennifer Stahn

Follow My Brain – Robyn Thomas


Gender? I Hardly Know Them – Elena Eli Belyea

Life Without Diagnosis – Mariah Braun

Bunny Phantom: The World’s Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived – Simon Chan

Beats & Eats – Sammy Golom

Ginger Beef – Eunice Hau

From the Bush to the Plate – Barbara Jackson

The Real Maldita – Linda Kee

Maple Tea – Harvey Li

Super Roommates – Ivy Miller

Tales From The Archives – Patrick O’Connor

Blood Memory – Brittney Pastion

The Beginnings – Angel Peterson

Creative Canvas – Ximena Rios

Peter Fidler & The Mapping of Alberta – Sean Smith

AM Shorts – Jason Steele

Restless Sleep – Megan Stephan

Noise – Adam Thom

A Portrait of Caring – Kelsey van Moorsel

After Life – Brandon Wilson

The Wright Way – Neville Wright

2017 phase two


Snowshoe & Monster – Siobhan Cooney

Frick, I Love Nature – Gordie Lucius

British Columbia

Michelle’s – Andrew Barber

Second Home Kathy Kiany

2017 phase one


Stump Kitchen – Andrea Beça

Timber – Nick Bellemore

Chameleons – Janie Fontaine

Climax, SK – Evan Godfrey

Highway Patrolman – Mitchell George

Pow Wow Emcee – Aretha Greatrix

Faultline – Stacie Harrison

National – Michael Manus

Western Steele – Ryan Mennie

Luchador – Mary Mercier

My Wife, My Boyfriend and I – David Oulton

It’s My Anxiety – Chloe Sando

British Columbia

Tommy Lindholm presents The Bucket List – Jo Ann Cook

Auditions – Andrew Creightney

The Berg – Francine Cunningham

The Great Canadian Adventure – Riley Dayne

Not Tubby – Bryce Doersam

Influencer – Colleen Gentemann

Gotcha! – Sinead Grewcock

The Analogue Photography Series: Film is Still Alive – Take Kayo

Angry Alice – Mat Lo

Lux-Me – Bhaveek Makan

Diaries of Badass Chicks – Eline Mets

Harebrained – Michael Mueller

Against the Grain – David I. Strasser

2016 phase two

Inconceivable – Joel Ashton McCarthy

How to Learn Anything – Stephen Robinson

2016 phase one

British Columbia

I Heart Bullies – Derek Baxter

Dawn of the Derricks  Brice Benson Kelly

Production – Michael Chen

Brewstars – Ryan Curtis

The Quiet Canadians – Anthony Epp

Goons – Tom Hackett

Reapers – Dallas Harvey

Roadside Deadguys – Chris Lorenz

Tips – Steve Michell

The New Romantics – Kelly Tatham

Snot Bubbles – Katia Truong

Welcome to Surrey Shyam Valera

Girls vs. The City Brianna Wiens

Going for Broke – Dale Wolfe


Burning All the Past Away – Doug Cook

Abracadavers – Morgan Ermter

Nerdvana: The Web Series – Tito Guillen

Mega Crimes Unit – Darren Harmon

Youth in Decline – Michael Janke

Welcome to the Industry – Alicia Krawchuk

Rig Pigs – Sean McLennan

Codependent Ghost Girl – Lindsey McNeill

Heartsong – Laura Seabrook

Magic Craft – Angela Seehagen

Brewers Yeast – Cody Southgate

Otaku High – Eric Stroppel

Plight – Aaron Talbot

Victor – Lauren Tamke

2015 phase two

Coded  Steve Neufeld, Joely Collins

Night Owl High  Kris McRonney, Tom Masterman

Hug-O-Gram  Todd Kipp, Barb Briggs

Straight to Video: the B-Movie Odyssey  Cody Kennedy, Tim Rutherford

2015 phase one


Directly Affected – Zack Embree, Devyn Brugge

Dismantled – Leigh DaSilva, Mark Wu

Found and Foraged – Deborah Burns, Rich Johnson

Green-ish  Ryan Bright, Alex Cichon

Hand Crafted – Andrew Muir

Hunt For Joy  Single Line Theatre, Sinziana Corozel, Darryl Ahye

Make It TV – Jenna Herbut

My Grade 8 Diary – Alannah Turner, Gregory J. Brown

Silk  Nathanael Vass, Ingo Lou

Sold  Yaël Carnet, Daniele Simone

Shy Guys  Steve Rosenberg, Dylan Hartley

Under Construction – Shelby Wilson, Alex Rowley

We Ah Wiss – David Malysheff, Calvin Stimson


AN.X.O  Vincent T Joachim, Helena Falk

The Exhibition – Jordan Bloemen, Molly Staley

Father Robin Hood  Mitchell George, Steven Foster

Food For Thought – Joanne Levenick, Stuart Serediuk

Lost Boys – Mike Overend

Necessary Evil  Randy Brososky, Chester Sit

Nine Lives  Stephen Baden, Peter Baden

The Owners  Morgan Ermter, McKayla Murray, Stephen Love

Press Pause – Cheska Appave

Shift  Janie Fontaine, Yaz Arima

TCK by The Chic Kitchen  Katie Satchwell

Top Monster  Andrew Guardamano, Tanishka Kotowich

Uni-Farm – Alex Moon